Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 15

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Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 13

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Well something happened that hasn’t happened in a while for us and I’m gonna try to manage it when the time comes. Anyway, later this week and all of next week I’m gonna be busy with finals and research papers so chapters may not come or be released at weird times. Just a heads up.


P.S. the PDF of Volume 4 is now on the table of contents so stop asking me about it.

Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 11

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I figure I should answers a few questions that have been popping up recently, if you’re not interested Enjoy

First, the new site is done and has all current chapters on it, even if I still need a new banner. Once volume 5 is finished I’ll start posting there instead of here.

Second, here’s the synopsis and title of the side project: Here

Unfortunately, it won’t be on Novel Updates because I’m the writer. Yeah, I’ve had the foundations of this story in mind for awhile now and finally decided to pull the trigger.

As for release schedule, maybe a chapter tacked on to every couple Skeleton Knight releases until the audience is large enough.

Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 10

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Well, they say hindsight is  20 x 20 and their right. I probably should have waited to release Arc vs Ainz. This may be a small spoiler but Arc uses one of his Heavenly Knights skills in Volume 6 and the mere act of activating it means that I have to re-balance the categories in the fight.

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And here’s the final 2 parts of the Prologue of the potential project: Prologue 2 and 3

Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 9

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Well, I finished translating V5 the other day. It was a bit tricky because I had to look into Hellenistic religions, philosophy, and physics to completely understand the full scope of one of Arc’s skills. Anyway, there’s something extra included with this chapter, hopefully I can have the rest of it done by next week. Till then let me know what you guys thinks about it so far.



Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 8

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Well, I’m doing better and whatever drugs Namorax must be on as allowed him to edit through the pain. Anyway, I have a question for you guys.

What is the worst anime adaption you’ve ever seen and why? For me it would be Tokyo Ghoul season 2. They took a hatchet to the entire story and placed Kaneki with the group he should be trying to kill. Or Highschool DxD, I actually enjoy the series for the story and found the fan-service boring, so when the anime cracked that part up to eleven I lost interest.

Enough rambling, Enjoy

Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 07

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Sorry about the lack of releases last week even though I said we would be returning to our regular schedule. Toward the middle of the week I came down with a cold and by the end of the week I was praying for death’s merciful embrace. All joking aside, I was in bad shape and any work I did was from in my bed, then I found out that Namorax hurt himself in a way that might hinder his output. Wish him the best of luck and hopefully we can sort out this hot mess.

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Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 06

Silver here with a chapter and update.

First and foremost all Skeleton Knight chapters and related links have been moved to my new site. Once Volume 5 is done and the finer details our ironed out I’ll post the link to it.

We will attempt to return to a 2 chapter a week schedule, sorry for the slow down but Namorax had stuff to do IRL and I’ve been setting up a website. We’re trying to get back on track, which brings us to…

The amount for bonus chapters has been dropped to $40. The original $60 price tag was made when we had more people working on the project, and my personal financial begging has left the donations forgotten.  I honestly just don’t want to leave any lose strings on this site.