Skeleton Knight V5 Images and Announcements

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Let’s start with the big one. The fifth volume of Skeleton Knight will be the swan song of uselessno4. For those unaware, this site was started by the titular Useless-san and I was brought on as his editor (yes, me. the guy that relies on an editor and unofficial proofreaders) before starting my own projects. However, Useless-san has been MIA since mid-September. I’ve tried to get in contact but to no avail. After talking to a few people and seeing as I’ll be caught up with the author at the end of V5, I’ve decided to put this site to rest. Everything will remain here unless Useless-san shuts the site down.

Second, there’s gonna be a two week hiatus for releases. Both me and Namorax are in class again. He’s got a major project to take care of and I’m feeling a bit fatigued after V4 not to mention work and class. My pace has already slowed to less then half of what it was and I just need to take care of my higher priorities.

With that out of the way, enjoy the images while being wry of spoilers and differences between the LN and WN. Gallery

Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 23

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As I try the figure out what I did since the birthday post and where the hell this monkey came from, I have a question for you guys. Which would you rather have Arc’s superhuman physical abilities, or the ability to use 【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】?

Anyway, Enjoy

Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 22

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday Silver! Alright enough of that.

As I grow closer to the grave I feel I need to get somethings of me chest. First off, Skeleton Knight has a side story. The thing is that there are only 3 chapters of it and it focuses on the side character that’s reintroduced in this chapter. Basically, the character has been doing follow up on Arc’s escapades in Rhoden and a bit more world building, but the author said it wasn’t all that important and those chapters are looooooong 😦

Anyway Enjoy

Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 20

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Namorax got some work done today so good new for you guys. I want to post the little project I’ve been working on with the next chapter, but I have to send it through a reliable source to make sure I didn’t miss anything, so this might be the only chapter this week. But considering I wasn’t planing on releasing anything it’s still a win for you all.


Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 19

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It’s been a wild year for Skeleton Knight. I started the project as a side, got bored of my main so switch to it full time, got the editor I so desperately needed, lost an editor and gained a new one, put up a donation page, pleaded for donations twice, and finished 3 out of the five volumes, and as of this post am five chapter away from finishing  V4.

After all that, I’d say that it’s best to give this year a matching bitter-sweat ending. Here’s a free bonus chapter and there might not be any releases next week, only time will tell.

Enjoy 🙂   and Happy New Years!!!

Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 11-16

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You know I could have lived up to that cliff-maker reputation, but I still need to do my requisite good deed for the season, so here’s the final regular chapter and….

The five preceding chapters are brought to you in part by Anderson A., Michael Y., Yuwei C, Mr. D, Wafid S., Simon H., kirindas, The final one, Alexander Y., Kurai Oji-Sama

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Thank you.

Happy Holidays, Enjoy