Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 07

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Sorry about the lack of releases last week even though I said we would be returning to our regular schedule. Toward the middle of the week I came down with a cold and by the end of the week I was praying for death’s merciful embrace. All joking aside, I was in bad shape and any work I did was from in my bed, then I found out that Namorax hurt himself in a way that might hinder his output. Wish him the best of luck and hopefully we can sort out this hot mess.

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Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 06

Silver here with a chapter and update.

First and foremost all Skeleton Knight chapters and related links have been moved to my new site. Once Volume 5 is done and the finer details our ironed out I’ll post the link to it.

We will attempt to return to a 2 chapter a week schedule, sorry for the slow down but Namorax had stuff to do IRL and I’ve been setting up a website. We’re trying to get back on track, which brings us to…

The amount for bonus chapters has been dropped to $40. The original $60 price tag was made when we had more people working on the project, and my personal financial begging has left the donations forgotten.  I honestly just don’t want to leave any lose strings on this site.


Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 05

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This is a little later in the day then usual but I had groceries to buy and Namorax lives in another time zone sooo…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking.  What if it Arc didn’t just get his character’s body but also its personality. I’m not saying there’d be much of a personality there, but it would be enough to alter a regular person’s outlook on life. After all how would you come out after going through a MMORPG story as if it were real?


Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 04

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Midterms are over and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Anyway, I have a question for you guys. Would you like to know my reasons for liking Skeleton Knight? I remember asking you guys about it before but I never told you all mine. If you guys want to know, it’s gonna be an in-depth response because there a lot to cover. In any case,


Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 3

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Midterms next week so it’s up in the air if I can get a release out, depends on how much of my brain hasn’t been turned to mush once it’s over. I’ll be sure to to strap Namorax to his editing chair just in case. Have to be at work a few minutes after posting.


Skeleton Knight V5 chapter 2

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There’s only gonna be 1 chapter this week and probably next week. I’ve been a bit busy this week with class and work so I’ve only finished one chapter this week. Oh that’s not the reason that for the slowdown. You can blame Namorax’s free will for that. As soon as I can stomp that out this will probably never happen again.


P.S. I’m looking for a banner image for the site I’m making if you have any suggestions send them to the email under my about paragraph.

Skeleton Knight V5 chapter 1

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Without giving too much away I figured you guys should know that the first half of this volume is a bit slower and more relaxed than usual. The author had to incorporate world building, character development, a reintroduction of characters and concepts, snippets of Arc’s pass, the long term effect of the spring water, and sit up for the major conflict into the first half. With that in mind I can understand way the first half is a bit slow, and personally I think that the events of the second half of the volume have a lot more impact because of that slow start.

Anyway, Enjoy

Skeleton Knight V5 Prologue

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Have you missed me?

In the time I’ve been gone this happened and before anyone asks the answer is no. I don’t know how to do that but the Russian team as already started.

The sixth volume of Skeleton Knight has started so I’m not out of a job just yet 🙂  Still not gonna be posting here after V5 though.

With that out of the way, Enjoy

P.S. what’s a good site name with Silver in it? No reason. Just asking.

Skeleton Knight V5 Images and Announcements

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Let’s start with the big one. The fifth volume of Skeleton Knight will be the swan song of uselessno4. For those unaware, this site was started by the titular Useless-san and I was brought on as his editor (yes, me. the guy that relies on an editor and unofficial proofreaders) before starting my own projects. However, Useless-san has been MIA since mid-September. I’ve tried to get in contact but to no avail. After talking to a few people and seeing as I’ll be caught up with the author at the end of V5, I’ve decided to put this site to rest. Everything will remain here unless Useless-san shuts the site down.

Second, there’s gonna be a two week hiatus for releases. Both me and Namorax are in class again. He’s got a major project to take care of and I’m feeling a bit fatigued after V4 not to mention work and class. My pace has already slowed to less then half of what it was and I just need to take care of my higher priorities.

With that out of the way, enjoy the images while being wry of spoilers and differences between the LN and WN. Gallery