Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 11-16

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Skeleton Knight V4 8 & 9

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Fun fact, these chapters were actually suppose to be released last Sunday as bonus chapters, but a fan found¬†Namorax’s steam handle and left him a present then there was finals week so this got pushed back.

I think it works out alright because it’s gonna be fun to see how people react to chapter 10.

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Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 6 & 7

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I emailed useless-san last week but he hasn’t gotten back to me. 1000-hugs and paladin are his project so I can do nothing about those. Another fan has made a PDF for volume 3 and I’ve linked it to the project page.

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Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 5

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Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 2

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Skeleton Knight V4 Prologue & Chapter 1

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V4 illustrations

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You guys asked for them so here they are, volume four images. Enjoy to your heart’s content. But first, there are over 5000 people following on Novel Updates.

Why do you guys like this series so much?

I really wanna know before the next volume starts. Gallery

P.S. the author is releasing the fifth volume of the LN in a few days.