Skeleton Knight: Volume 1 images

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Rhoden Kingdom Royals




Volume 2 Images















Volume 3 images









Volume 4 images















Volume 5 images


















155 comments on “Gallery

  1. The full plate mail of the MC is freaking cool!

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  2. Nyamsus says:

    Hot bath… Onsen… Sulphur… Calcium

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  3. goblinrou says:

    He looks funny without the armour.

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    • Nameless Reader says:

      with or without armor, Ainz is still OP

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      • Robbini0 says:

        True, but Ainz is a Mage (not sure which specialization), Skellie Knight is a Holy Paladin / Knight. They have some different and some equal strengths.


      • a says:

        ainz s overlord it was like this if im not wrong lich grand lich overlord anyway our knight’s armour’s coolness and his skel body’s silyness s freakin op too


      • SubZole says:

        If they have similar strenght than Arc might win the first fight as he counters Ainz. Arc is similar to Shalltear as being undead with resistances against dark magic and using holy attacks plus can use fire spells too.
        After that if Ainz gains information about Arc he can make a plan to defeat him because that is Ainz’s forte plus he has a wast collection of items and spells to chose from.


      • tyizor says:

        @SubZole, Arc’s skeleton body is only a skin, so he wouldn’t have any racial advantages. Assuming same general power level though, he would probably still win due to that shield. Ainz’s main advantage seems to be buffs and debuffs. Since Arc’s *appearance* is that of an undead, Ainz probably wouldn’t use abilities like that target organs (was it called heart grasp? Used in the first arc to save the villagers) to OH-KO. Arc’s equipment resists (if not nullifies) CC, so that’s out of the picture (RIP time control). When it comes to brute force, warrior>mage. There’d be a few other factors depending on how long the fight drags on, but initially it’d be Arc’s advantage.

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      • lygarx says:

        He might actually be stronger than Ainz 1v1. even if Ainz uses summons. Ainz isn’t an actual warrior class. But he is. Game wise, Ainz would have been stronger, but when they were summoned into a real body, they both have access to all of the techniques from lower job classes that they have leveled. Ainz always had it before being summoned, but our protagonist’s game avatar became stronger after being summoned and was allowed to retain all previous game skills that he had from previous jobs.
        Ainz is not an actual combat type mage nor is he a true warrior class. Only one of them is actually weak against holy damage and the other can use holy attribute. They are both Max Level characters and before being summoned, they would both give each other a bit of a hard time. But our hero is a bit stronger than Ainz. Well, Ainz is a strategic type player and could probably out maneuver our hero, but in Pure Combat Strengths and Statistics of the bodies of the two different Skelton MCs, This novel’s mc is stronger due to being Ainz’s weakness in every way.

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  4. Amuris says:

    *sees third pic*
    *starts playing Megalovania when reading*

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  5. gianoria7 says:

    His armor is freaking cool and badass…

    Is that an elf waifu?
    (Riajuu should die)

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    • Robbini0 says:

      He’s… undead. Or alive, but just look, and everything else as an undead.

      Actually, that’s a good point. He was alive, but looks and acts undead, so what is he?


    • Niedw says:

      All bone but no boner. That is like having a hot sex willing wife but have no p****

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      • Wish upon a Hope says:

        this is gold, LOL!!!!


      • Robbini0 says:

        Firstly, marriage would be interesting, since most vows have something like ‘Until death do us part’. Is he dead or not? Unknown. He looks dead. Valid marriage?

        Secondly, most of us here are probably older than teenagers. We should be aware that the p**** does not have any bones at all.

        Thirdly, even if he was somehow married, he would have no way to consummate the marriage, unless he uses tools, illusions or other types of magic.

        Therefore, he could probably avoid the problem saying he’s a holy knight, sworn to chastity for some special god or goddess. If he can’t have any, might as well think of a way to put that as a sacrifice to gain trust and power.


      • tyizor says:

        It’s a skin though, so jokes aside, shouldn’t he still have one? Maybe it’s invisible, but there? Huh….

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      • it can be solved as long you have Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and fifteen traces of other elements + 1 Profesional Alchemist


      • vandal says:

        he just need to keep casting anti curse in his pants to recover his p* lol, since he cursed


  6. wrongpassword says:

    His armor reminds me of the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k.


  7. shorty says:

    That little green fox just stands out every time it’s with the MC xD


  8. AleX says:

    An undead holy knight, he is heartless in killing but also a hero.
    Me like!


  9. cdalgorta says:

    Whether you have skin or are all bones you still need to take a hot bath every once in a while xD

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  10. midnight2630 says:

    i wondered how his helmet was like…it´s freaking cool!


    • DarknessWolf says:

      Yup very cool and Holy badass but I think it should add some more horns and spikes on his armor!
      What happened if his class turn from “Heavenly Knight” to “Hellish Knight” will his armor become Hellish badass and deadly!?


  11. not_onizuka-gto says:


    Haha. though shoulder armour is so wh40k 80’s style. Really fantastic. Also cute fox is cute!!!



  12. xtremeloldude says:

    funny how changing the red light in a skeleton’s eyes to blue can change him from evil to slightly timid-looking


  13. Oro_^o^ says:

    Hello. I have the complete LN illustrations for vol 1 and 2. If you want i can send it to you.


  14. Robbini0 says:

    Now that I think about it, his skeleton is … remarkably well-put together.
    If it’s just optical illusions, and he actually has all the normal things a human does , but we can’t see it, then just ignore this.
    If it is true, then his skeleton should by logic not … be put together, unless some magical method is currently doing so , or he actually has some sinews, muscles and whatnot connecting the bones.


    • deadlybell says:

      well….it is just a skin i dont really think hes actually an undead he just has unique physique due to it being his character and not his original body else he couldn’t use holy or light attributed magic


      • Robbini0 says:

        We need some sensitivity tests. Someone try to touch anything that should be there, but looks like it isn’t now that he’s a skeleton, and then see what happens. Maybe they’ll feel something ‘outside’ his skin, maybe they’ll feel bone. Or.. just try to tickle him. I don’t think someone can actually be tickled directly on their bones, so if he reacts to it, it’s 100% cosmetic, and if he doesn’t… Further tests needed.


      • When he used the curse dispel in an earlier chapter it showed his hand and face, however they soon when back to being a skull and a bony hand. Then originally had me believe that the skin in there, but invisible, perhaps a illusion type curse that hides all signs of him being alive.
        However this was disproved by ponta, as Arc woke up to find him sleeping in his rib cage, this wouldn’t be possible if there was skin.

        Should we perhaps view the curse as one that, instead of hiding the skin and muscles, removes them completely and lets Arc control his body with magic? If so what happens if he was to run out of manna, would he simply stop?


  15. jalog100 says:

    Last one bone meal soup?

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  16. wrongpassword says:

    I love the pic of him with the loot sack. Thanks for the update.

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  17. funny87 says:

    anyone know where to find full translation


  18. Manuel Lopez says:

    Really cool. But he looks more like a transformer then a holy knight…lol..


  19. Oro_^o^ says:

    Are you guys still translating this series? I have LN volume 3 complete illustrations to contribute…


  20. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  21. ponta’s tail fluffyness in that second volume is absolutely amazing

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  22. Raizu says:

    I think the illustration for the dead princess is a spoiler.
    Well, it’s everyone risk to check the gallery anyway.


    • Ang says:

      psssst. don’t say ‘princess’ like it was obvious. let the clueless be clueless and the ones wanting to be spoiled set satisfied.


  23. Light says:

    Interesting pictures. Waiting the second volume)


  24. bellcross13 says:

    Damni need to get on of them armor set! So badass!


  25. Am I the only one get the Archer Feeling In her suit(the Silver Hair)?


  26. Acedia-chan says:

    Thanks for the translations, found some pictures ope they are your liking no spoilers


  27. Deal with it says:

    The current mc is plenty cool, but at this point I think it’s safe to say that the mc won’t get his human body back…


    • kh0rneflakes says:

      Although it was teased that he can atleast temporarily give flesh to his body… wonder if he’ll ever tease the idea of looking at his face in the mirror. That being said it probably isn’t his face, unless if he was that large outside of the game the MC played… which is unlikely.


  28. vik1029 says:

    I imagined Ariane with a darker skin color


  29. Dark Jackel says:

    I thought dreadlocks guy looked like a bad guy, then I saw the picture where he appeared to be working with Arc. And then I realized, Arc has his arm twisted behind his back. So yeah, bad guy. 🙄


  30. midoyashii says:

    Who are the man and elven women in he 8th pic in Vol. 3 are they Ariane’s mother and father or her sister and husbund??
    But I her sister marrying a farmer not noble like.. Unless she in love with human noble lied to her father….


    • kh0rneflakes says:

      Maybe this is one of the elves captured by the humans?

      And somehow or another it turned into the noble taking a serious relationship with that captured elf, or making it appear serious (like he knows Arc and Ariane are coming)? Hopefully there is no Stockholm syndrome hanging in the back there.


  31. 4xMoreAnonymous says:

    V3 2nd color image: Ariane, pls no bully the skeleton. Why are you bullying the skeleton? Why are you bringing your assets so close to the skeleton? Why do you torture him this way? Pls no bully the skelly.


  32. Shuffling505 says:

    That last image of V3 looks like a Godzilla movie but with those twi monsters as extra monster for him to fight…..


  33. eMp says:

    is that dude that look like sirzechs ariane’s father?


  34. vandal says:

    seems that the 1st chapt seems that atc saved the princess once from the bamdit and saved her the 2nd time as well (resurrected), why didnt arc remember them frkm the past?

    lol on the part that arc caught ariane doing dere dere things on ponta red handed also where is that part of the story that arc somehow got hit? i dont remember things like that in the story and i doubt he got damage as well.

    seems that ariane’s getring sexual frustration or something cosher older sister’s gerring married and she on the other hand doesnt have a partner yet and goes on a frenzy lolz seems like arcs reasoning crumbles as ariane’s frenzy goes while ponta sleeps lol

    its the war of the titans on the last pic lolz, i think they are summoned from arc and chiome lolz


  35. Dreken01 says:

    I all honesty, aside from the pics being int the proper volume, they seem a bit jumbled.
    If you try to place them in story order, they seem to be mixed up, just a bit.


  36. cbfarrar says:

    Why aren’t the maid and the princess making out in their picture?!


  37. mllhild says:

    Could you maybe make a translated version of the maps?


  38. LoveSkelly MC says:

    can someone translate the map???


  39. That guy says:

    Question: since arc is a skeleton in a way, does that mean he can live forever? What I mean is since he now has no organs to speak of and has to use a dispel spell just to look at his skin, doesn’t aging basically have no affect on him anymore.


  40. nothing says:

    it would be nice if you could translate the map though


  41. Victor DoUrden says:

    Pity the images are kinda shit. If the resolution was better I would consider coloring some… but the images are in between small and medium size


  42. Victor DoUrden says:


    • Silver says:

      yeah about the image, I actually modify them to place into the gallery The images are also taken directly from the novel, so if you want to color them I can send you the zip files with them in their original state.


      • Victor DoUrden says:

        What you downsize them? In what why do you modify them? Are they shit in the first place? Do you have better more clean scans? I only care for some but I’ll take them all.

        On a different note what do you think of my work on Ponta?


      • dubah123 says:

        Sorry for re-comment((
        Hello, Silver! Thanks for translation)
        And can you send me images of 4 volume? Anyway, I know that could see a spoiler😀, thanks very much


    • Victor DoUrden says:

      Same image fixed mess up on tail


  43. dubah123 says:

    Hello, Silver! Thanks for translation)
    And can you send me images of 4 volume? Anyway, I know that could see a spoiler 😀, thanks very much

    Liked by 1 person

  44. H says:

    I’d swear there was a bigger version for these no? Like the first picture I recall downloading it off your site long time ago and it’s much larger res. If it’s too much for the blog how about putting the full res in a mediafire/imgur/mega/etc link?


  45. Acedia-chan says:

    You missed an image in volume 1

    Liked by 3 people

  46. CarlecBen says:

    Hey, i wanted to know if you could send me the illustrations of the volume 3, i want to put all the illustrations in their original sizes on the pdf (spanish version), if you dont want, it’s okay, but if you agree, here is my mail:


  47. Nvis says:

    Any vol 4 and/or 5 images?


  48. Acedia-chan says:

    Hot spring illustration

    Liked by 1 person

  49. weccy says:

    by the looks of it, it seems arc gets his “curse” removed this volume.


  50. woozlak says:

    the image before the last one in the 4th volume… is that hair? he regained his flesh? no more bones?


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