Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 19

Silver here,

Well my break is over time to get back to work, food and shelter don’t pay for themselves, unless one of you will provide those things for me in exchange for the rest of V5 and the start of V6.



6 comments on “Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 19

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. *shake fist* damn you RL taking (stalling) things away from me again!


  3. redcolonel says:

    thanks for the chapter


  4. Haku says:

    keep em coming buddy!


  5. Emmanuel says:

    Whats the difference between the web novel and the light novel version?


    • Silver says:

      The LN is more polished with alterations to the main character characterization, the ordering of some events are altered, side characters play larger roles to name a few things.


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