No Chapters This Week

Silver here,

Namorax’s laptop died so no chapters this week. Hopefully he can figure something out or toss enough people out of windows that something gets resolved.


17 comments on “No Chapters This Week

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    — or tosses enough people out of windows that something gets resolved. —
    Pfft, ahahahaha…

    Hope u can get the way out soon…


  2. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!


  3. aberdeus says:

    How did it die?


    • Namorax says:

      It’s a 7-8 year old Lenovo Thinkpad. I believe the thermalpaste dried out and/or dust clogged something inside because it broke down while I was googling for some images. It runs with switchable graphics on, so everytime I start it shows me garbled… somethings on the screen during bootup, and once it loads windows it goes completely black.

      At least the first few times I booted it up trying to “fix” it. Now the screen is completely black all the time and I have no idea what is happening with the system. I want to try to plug it in a monitor to see if I can see something that way, but unless I go buy one of those I have to wait ’til sunday before I can get to my old one (which is standing at my parents’ place).

      (This was written on my friend’s cellpone, so don’t get your hopes up… sorry.)


      • aberdeus says:

        Like doesn’t show bios or anything black or shows loading screen then black nothing?


      • Namorax says:

        [This is the 2nd-Rendition since my öaptop died before I finished the 1st one]
        It loads a garbled version of the boot-up screen (Press Key to enter Bios) and switches to black after that (Windows-Loadscreen). It is possible to enter Bios but it so so garbled I can barely make out what I am reading…

        When I showed the laptop to one of my friends, he had some good news and some bad news:
        The good news is that it isn’t totally broken, so I can kinda run it.
        The bad news is that the integrated GPU is damaged while the dedicated GPU died the heatdeath all laptops apparently want to achieve.

        In essence, I can barely run it as it is right now but when my browser loads one or two fancy ads, the performance slows down to what feels like 1-2 FPS with lots of stuttering/tearing. So while it is technically “working”, there is no way I can actually do any “work” with it.
        So, either I do all my editing on the weekend or try to find a new laptop asap… >_>


      • kilpes says:

        Did you ever fix your laptop?


  4. Adam says:

    I think someone is systematically targeting translators laptops. The translator for Konjiki, Anri’s, laptop also died last week and now she’s stuck translating with just her smart phone until she gets a new one.


  5. Shuffling505 says:

    (ノಥ﹏ಥ)ノ WHY DO LAPTOPS DIE SO OFFTON. Mine died last year and I still can’t get a new one….


  6. woozlak says:

    Seems that traductors have some sort of curse on their laptops…


    • Namorax says:

      Nah… the USA builds backdoors into software (so they can spy on everyone), and Japan builds remote-controlled killswitches into the hardware (so they can make the laptops selfdestroy whenever the warranty is over). Or when they want to stop WN/LN translators/editors.


  7. Morlax says:

    I like how silver-san greeting us before the content of the post.
    its like satou giving his greeting before the chapter begin.


  8. devilsadvocate6 says:

    gonna be missing~ hoping the laptop repairs soon


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