Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 05

Silver here,

This is a little later in the day then usual but I had groceries to buy and Namorax lives in another time zone sooo…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking.  What if it Arc didn’t just get his character’s body but also its personality. I’m not saying there’d be much of a personality there, but it would be enough to alter a regular person’s outlook on life. After all how would you come out after going through a MMORPG story as if it were real?



8 comments on “Skeleton Knight V5 Chapter 05

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. Hilltopy says:

    Huh… That’d be interesting.


  3. kalirion says:

    If arc got the character’s personality? I guess that depends on what the character was supposed to be like. We’ve seen what it leads to in Overlord when the human and character personas meld together.


  4. Kensei Seraph says:

    That’s an interesting thought.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  5. Namorax says:

    A MMO-character basically an empty hull, isn’t it? It has no real personality, only the player decides how it will react. A singleplayer game might have a character with personality, but in an MMO, there is just one rule of thumb: everyone is equal.

    That is, unless they play pay-to-ein, but then the character is still just the player’s puppet with no personal will and stuff,


    • Silver says:

      But they are give a history of their own and they live thought the story cut scenes. Pulse, in games like the one Arc seems to have played even the classes one obtained came with a bit of history to them. I’m not saying that there’d be enough personality or will power for a character to be autonomous, but there’d be enough to alter someone if they were fused to the character.


  6. gregluck says:

    Yeah that is unlikely, already other people who got there before him that shows their longing or action that could only stem from their real persona, like the Hanzo which create ninja village.
    The more likely is that the body only give tendency or some simple bodily instinct, which in Arc case is a bone / undead, which dampen his emotion and raise judgment.

    And also, thanks for the chapter.


  7. redcolonel says:


    dunno, he didn’t looked weird for a human when he recovered his full body (elf), I think the only alteration of personality come from the ‘incomplete heart’


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