Skeleton Knight V5 Images and Announcements

Silver here,

Let’s start with the big one. The fifth volume of Skeleton Knight will be the swan song of uselessno4. For those unaware, this site was started by the titular Useless-san and I was brought on as his editor (yes, me. the guy that relies on an editor and unofficial proofreaders) before starting my own projects. However, Useless-san has been MIA since mid-September. I’ve tried to get in contact but to no avail. After talking to a few people and seeing as I’ll be caught up with the author at the end of V5, I’ve decided to put this site to rest. Everything will remain here unless Useless-san shuts the site down.

Second, there’s gonna be a two week hiatus for releases. Both me and Namorax are in class again. He’s got a major project to take care of and I’m feeling a bit fatigued after V4 not to mention work and class. My pace has already slowed to less then half of what it was and I just need to take care of my higher priorities.

With that out of the way, enjoy the images while being wry of spoilers and differences between the LN and WN. Gallery


18 comments on “Skeleton Knight V5 Images and Announcements

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Good luck with ur class and RL. Also just take ur time, as long as u can come back it’s alright with us…


  2. Whynn says:

    Thanks for the update, if useless san does shut down the site, i worry for the previous chapters after you start updating on the new site, unless you plan on moving those chapters over as well while mentioning it was useless’s effort for those initial releases.


  3. BBB says:

    Did anything happen to the author of this novel, the ncode website said it hasn’t been updated for 3 month now?


  4. Ole says:

    Thanks for the update 🙂 , btw does anyone know which chapter ariane is blushing(vol 4 illustration picture where ariane almost kiss arc) in volume 4?


  5. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the update. No worries about the pace. I hope you will be able to back up the chapters on another site if this site ever does get shut down.


  6. roadsama says:

    Well, on one note I will miss reading it for abit, but it is cool, especially given the notification about it prior. So rest up well mate and go tackle the shit out of that RL!


  7. thoraxe41 says:

    Kinda stupid how many people just dissappear for now reason without saying anything. Even a big F U would be nice. At least we know whats happening.


  8. Ayy Lmao says:

    To the land of tomatoes!!


  9. Korsbaek says:

    thank you for the great work and take it at your speed as we are just freeloader happy to see anything done in any time(or in my opinion we should be)

    if i my surgest then copy the chapters with you to a new site if you go there and make a reference to here just to make sure they dont go away and remember to credit the people having done them at least that way the chapters are not lost even if uselessno closes the side and you can always just have them on the side but none can see them into you make it possible if this site closes


  10. psychobee says:

    i’m sad about the announcement, but thank you as always for your hard work!!
    well i hope this will not be down or at least silver and namorax can make a new site!!
    and i hope everything gies well in your RL!! good luck for class and the project too!!


  11. Dark Jackel says:


    Everyone is assuming that you are making a new site, but you didn’t actually say you would, so…

    Will you be making a new site? 8|


  12. Namorax says:

    We will see… Even if the site gets taken down, Silver has the chapters on GDrive (which means I am able to nab a copy xD) so in the worst case he can upload them somewhere else.

    Though… chances are someone already converted them into an epub and uploaded it somewhere. >_>

    PS: To clarify, it’s not that I have to take time off for a project, it is that I WANT to take time off for a project. I want to design my own chess set from scratch and may be even able to submit it as my graduation piece in 2,5 years. That means I really need to plan this thing through, which means I have to sacrifice my evenings for that, which means less time for editing.


  13. Lhklan says:

    Thank you for everything. Though if you don’t mind me asking, are there any romantic development between Arc and Arianne later? I saw an illustration of Arianne blushing while thinking about Arc in vol 4 I think.


  14. Max DnGame says:

    is there anyone who make epub/pdf for volume 4?


  15. Loki says:

    Man… Starting to worry now. Hope silver don’t drop this series and dissapear.


  16. KeK says:

    Russian translation team released first chapter of Skeleton Knight manga.

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