Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 23

Silver here,

As I try the figure out what I did since the birthday post and where the hell this monkey came from, I have a question for you guys. Which would you rather have Arc’s superhuman physical abilities, or the ability to use 【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】?

Anyway, Enjoy


24 comments on “Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 23

  1. Robbini0 says:

    There’s an idea that any teleportation will break down that’s teleported into atoms / particles and reform in the exact same way at the destination.

    If it’s true, having a weak body wouldn’t really be a smart thing then, because you never know when things can change a little.


  2. Kensei Seraph says:

    【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】.


  3. Orphiex says:

    【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】. No question. The things I could do with spacetime magic…


  4. acefisher says:

    I’d go for superhuman physical abilities. They’d me more useful to me than being able to teleport to places I’d already been.


  5. laharl8080 says:

    Ifnsuoerhuman including his magic than i will take since it pretty make close to immortal…
    So i can do my revenge


  6. psychobee says:

    i want the two of them!!! 😁


  7. Transfer abilities. I can think of a lot more uses for them rather than super human strength, especially in modern day earth.


  8. AL says:

    Superhuman strength would probably lead to me smashing all my stuff by accident, so I’ll go with the [Dimensional Step] and [Transfer Gate].


  9. definetly tranfergate, would make things so much easier xD


  10. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  11. Namorax says:

    The superhuman physical abilities. If Arc can survive something like a Dragon King because of his body (and armor), then he must have a really good constitution.
    If he has a really good constitution, then he will probably live for a very, very, very long time. His immunesystem would probably be able to kill most of the incurable diseases humanity knows.

    While being able to teleport would be nice, having a “prime of life” that lasts a few centureis would be nicer. Why do I need to teleport to a shop when the shop can send the goods to me?

    In the worst case, I will have to walk.

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  12. siral20 says:

    Superhuman physical abilities allow you to stay low key if you know how to use them. Just don’t bend steel or anything. He can’t control his well because he has no skin to feel how much pressure he is using.
    【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】 are nice if you have a reason to have them, but they are easy to get the people to come after you or your family in order to use you. Only real use for them is as a criminal and as a super UPS. Plus a car isn’t much slower then 【Dimensional step】 assuming you have to wait on your mana pool.


  13. Bacem says:

    Dimensional gate and transfer gate. Its truly convenience


  14. mllhild says:

    Transfergate. Would be great for trade, trafficking and VIP transport.

    You could take the world as hostage!


  15. midoyashii says:

    thanks for the nice good work


  16. 【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】


  17. nguuuquaaa says:

    Dimensional Step and Transfer Gate.
    I can go to college/supermarket/shop etc. without taking a single step outside!!! And that will save lives for the road is trying to kill everyone with its slipperiness.


  18. Falken says:

    transfer Gate and step…. boy you can travel the world!! no passport, veicles or money, well maybe money to eat …and return to you home the same day,,, no need for hotels or camping and just in time for some MMO animes and novels …..


  19. Navi says:

    【Dimensional step】 and 【Transfer Gate】. Now I can go around the World just by looking at Google Maps and be home in time for dinner.


  20. Ayy Lmao says:

    I always imagine myself teleporting to places, cause im too lazy and stingy when it comes to traveling.


  21. redcolonel says:



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