Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 22

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday Silver! Alright enough of that.

As I grow closer to the grave I feel I need to get somethings of me chest. First off, Skeleton Knight has a side story. The thing is that there are only 3 chapters of it and it focuses on the side character that’s reintroduced in this chapter. Basically, the character has been doing follow up on Arc’s escapades in Rhoden and a bit more world building, but the author said it wasn’t all that important and those chapters are looooooong 😦

Anyway Enjoy


18 comments on “Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 22

  1. Whynn says:

    And a wonderful happy birthday to you, thanks for the chapter, sorry I can’t particularly give you much except for a happy congratulations. um…. cyber cake? dunno how many candles though.


  2. Kensei Seraph says:

    Happy birthday and thanks for the hard work.


  3. psychobee says:

    ohhh then HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!


  4. AL says:

    Happy Birthday!


  5. Namorax says:

    Do you mean that one Sidestory where I always feel compelled to shout ‘Liar’?

    Or is there another one I will keep postphoning to do any work on?^^;


    • Silver says:

      Yes the one you shout liar at, the side story is about him


      • Namorax says:

        I meant: Are you talking about THAT one, or will there be another one? ^^;
        After all, that was somewhere in vol 1 IIRC, so it would be reasonable to expect a second one in one of the other volumes.


  6. Thanks for the chapter!


  7. Wilhem says:

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Silver, happy birthday to you.


  8. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    n Happy Birthday Silver-san, hope u stay healthy forever…


  9. Bacem says:

    Otanjoubi omedetou translator san
    Have a nice life, days and, business. May god always blessing u . WYATB


  10. Raphalice says:

    Happy birthday to you too~
    “Too”? Well, it’s my birthday today as well~

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  11. laharl8080 says:

    Happy B-day Silver…
    If you want take something out of your how about ask Killua from HxH
    Lol just kidding…
    Will pray you have a long life


  12. Happy birthday to you Silver!


  13. gerben200 says:

    Happy birthday to you Silver! Stay healthy.
    And thanks for your great work!


  14. Hikki says:

    Happy birthday to you Silver.

    And thanks for the chapters.


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