Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 5

The following chapter is brought to you in part by Joseph N, Joshua A, Jonas G, Daryl P and viewer like you.

Thank you,

Goal has been met 4 bonus chapters in quota thank you guy once again and hopefully this is the last time I do something like this.

I know this is kinda rude to do while post a bonus chapter, but yesterday was my laptop’s swan song. I’m posting this chapter from a school computer right now and while I’m taking a lunch break. I have about $400/  520 I need to buy a new and better laptop, so if you could please make a donation. I hate doing this type of thing, but this my last resort.



7 comments on “Skeleton Knight V4 Chapter 5

  1. Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Liking this post would be awkward I think.
    Anyway sad to hear your pc fans blew the last bit of oxygen they could before the end. Hopefully some will donate. I’d donate but you have more money to your name then I do D’:
    If only RL had cheat codes…

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  3. lowlightt says:

    Do you need a laptop or a desktop? cause you have plenty for a desktop.


  4. goo21 says:

    “4 bonus chapters in quote”
    The word quatA is written with “A” at the end and is a noun. It is different from a word quotE which is a verb and has a different meaning.


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