V4 illustrations

Silver here,

You guys asked for them so here they are, volume four images. Enjoy to your heart’s content. But first, there are over 5000 people following on Novel Updates.

Why do you guys like this series so much?

I really wanna know before the next volume starts. Gallery

P.S. the author is releasing the fifth volume of the LN in a few days.


46 comments on “V4 illustrations

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


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  2. Dark Jackel says:

    Heh, this is gonna be good…

    As to why I like this series, it has a lot of good elements: a strong plot, appealing characters with strengths and flaws, and a good grasp of irony. I could go on. πŸ˜‹

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  3. ricco7 says:

    Why I like this LN, it’s fun to have an OP MC who is undeniably a good person but not opposed to getting his hands dirty and the name of places is just so funny.

    I’m Canadian, I have to suppress laughter every time they go to “The Great Forest of Canada” and talk about the “Brave Warriors of Maple” XD

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  4. Rather than another world story I pretend it fantasy story about amnesic Knight, I feel that author did other world so the Japanese would read it. It’s good story and funny arc is hilarious

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  5. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the illustrations~
    The plot of the story is fun. Arc commits all kinds of hi-jynx in his attempts to avoid standing out, much like the last chapter. The villain crushing is always nice too. XD

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  6. I like it because the story is neither overly dark nor boring and fun to read. Especially when Arc gies overborard xD

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  7. SquirFail says:

    why we liked this series? 1st overpowered MC who is oblivious to the world 2nd Elves

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  8. Canoidea says:

    If he’s cured permanently it won’t be Skeleton knight in another world though 😦

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  9. Scarecrow says:

    Because of Ponta of course.

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  10. sjrcloud says:

    What I like about this LN?
    I guess it’s because it’s a nice adventure fantasy story with a slow moving plot.
    . . . . AND because I’m tired of fantasy story’s that ether has a protagonist that is near criminal pervert, or/and has such a large {power ego} that you start questioning if the characters supporting him/her are mentally insane.

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  11. Christian Korsbæk says:

    i like it because of how the auther gets the MC to be a follower in the party, how OP the MC is and the fact he is both kind hearthed but still able to pass judgement on others when need to and the blove of fresh air of a MC not holding back when need to but still dont go around showing off to

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  12. Tulius says:

    I like Skeletons and Knights, and the caracters are awesome.

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  13. GodTurtleOm says:

    Hmm, there’s a lot of OP MCs, but most seem either too nice or too much of an edgelord. Arc has a good middle ground.

    He also knows he is OP, and seems to have a decent grasp on just how OP. So he tries to stay as inconspicuous as a giant person in full plate armor with ridiculous teleportation, healing, and physical and magical powers can be, which is not at all. He can bring most recently deceased people back to life, depending on their cause of death, but since he realizes just how absurd that ability is, he hasn’t even told his closest ally. Almost every time he has a “Oops, did I use too much force/magic?” moment, he deflects attention.

    So the focus of the story is more on exploring the world and minor mysteries, with mentions of how dramatic an impact his existence actually has being more of a side story. He’s single-handedly upset the behind-the-scenes battle for succession of the Throne, but no one is aware that he’s the cause, or that he’s the biggest factor. He himself is barely even aware of the existence of royalty, and the princess doesn’t know that he resurrected her and half her entourage. So it’s interesting, more so to me than the series where the OP MC is a known factor that people rely upon.

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  14. Domar says:

    Some novel series hace an “it” factor, making me want to come back and read more and more of it, this is one of them. Jikuu Mahou and Death March are others.


  15. AnimeLover says:

    Its weird. Does Arc pass out? That’s unusual considering Arc is too strong. Or did the magic pond made him weak? I’m confuse

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  16. motley says:

    I’ll admit I’m pretty easy to please (no harem, lolis, ecchi, etc. and I’m golden)
    that and being a sucker for reincarnator/fantasy stories.

    That said I really like the characters. I like how laid back Arc is, and that his interactions with his companions aren’t overtly sexual (despite how many more times the author can mention Ariane’s figure…) and I especially like when Arc and Ariane have goofy banter. The story is light even with dark themes and so far the arcs(heh) haven’t felt too drawn out and just overall I’m having a good time.

    Thank you for your hard work translating! It’s thanks to people like you we all get to enjoy these stories. πŸ™‚

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    • AnimeLover says:

      Your right. I love this Novel because its different from the rest. No Polygamy and whatnut. A bit disappointed because it can be a better story but its WN so no complaints. The LN doesn’t look so great either though. But I really love Arc and wish he had more OP moments. It takes forever and its a slow plot.

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  17. OP βœ”
    Humble βœ”
    Kingdoms βœ”
    Subtle romance βœ”
    Cute animals βœ”
    Awesome action βœ”
    Elves and other creatures βœ”
    Its good βœ”
    Whats not to like?

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  18. trannon1 says:

    I like this series because Arc gave me a boner ^^

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  19. r505 says:

    i want to see Ariane fall in love with arc because his character not because his look.

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  20. Demidemipure says:

    Even though the main story is mediocre. It never felt like those run of the mill harem stories. The background stroy is rich. Plus the mc is a skeleton holy knight protag. However, i would want the story to have more substance.

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  21. DaGoochMVP says:

    So far the author has done a good job of not just making every other chapter a showcase for how overpowered Arc is. It keeps me interested and keeps some suspense in the story.

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  22. The link is for a ship’s kitchen? Or did you miss a ‘r’ while typing?
    And I like the Canadian Elves. XD

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  23. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the images.
    Is that… hair that I see on Ark’s head?!

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  24. Paps says:

    Well the series is easy to follow, has an actual plot, is well though but not hevey to overload someone with information, quite funny, and has a really though action sequance.

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  25. thediabolicalgenius says:

    It’s kinda like Death March without the loli’s and the food?
    I like the idea of ordinary guy type protag who’s considerate of other people and isn’t self-absorbed, who gets summoned to another world and becomes OP, but doesn’t take that as excuse to solve every problem with violence just beating up anyone he doesn’t like or whatnot. Even if he does rely on his OPness to deal with most problems in the end, he’s still civil and modest without being a hetare, and doesn’t turn into a adolescent with a superiority complex the moment he gains power, acting liking he’s just too badass to give a fuck and no matter how violent and unreasonable he acts, the plot armour always lets him walk away with a smile.
    Like that Summoned Slaughterer, where the protag is basically a butcher and just kills anyone who obstructs him with little more than a curt warning if they’re lucky and while there are promised consequences, somehow he always just gets to do what he wants because he’s oh so badass. That kind of thing is meant to appeal to rebellious adolescents who just want to smash through all the troublesome stuff in life and somehow think if they had overwhelming force it would solve everything.
    I like that this isn’t anything like that sort of web novel. And that the events stay interesting without getting too simplistic with everyone split into goodies and baddies, the characters stay interesting.
    The only frustrating thing is that so many interesting events are going on with the princess, yet the main character never actually meets (while she’s alive) and is off wandering looking for enslaved elves. Well, it seems the elf search is going to be put on hold and he’s going to start getting involved with larger scale stuff soon, so I can wait.

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    • I agree with the guy above, I really enjoyed Death March save for the lolis&food wich this novel doesn’t have, the only thing it’s missing is some epic vilain appearing somewhere and basically stomping every one around,then you have Arc traveling there for a random reason, finding the Demon/Dragon/OP Monster and giving him a good beating.
      After I saw the pic with that dragon in vol 4 I am really expecting some epic fight like this one!

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  26. Genzinator says:

    Honestly, I like it because of ponta and the fact tjat the main character is a skeleton in gigantic armor. Thx for your hard work.

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  27. poupou says:

    Main story is quite simple. But I like how the mc is laid back even though he has godlike power. Ho and the fact the ln or the mc doesnt focus on sex/harem stuff certainly helps.


  28. Jorggi says:

    Monster protagonist with humanoid features made it for me. And a sucker for Skeleton characters.

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  29. kalirion says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this series. I only started because of Overlord withdrawal.

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  30. Ayy lmao says:

    Maybe cause its a skeleton, and ive always fond of skeleton since rpg lets u summon them


  31. Nvis says:

    I like OP MCs that keep a low profile or not trying to take over the world.


  32. jerry says:

    Love this series pls do more !! ❀ seems like all the go
    od series everyone puts down the toilet and don't do them so pls !


  33. Dhorn says:

    It, for the time it takes me to read, staves off the ever encroaching realization that no matter what I do I will die.

    So…. Yeah, keep it up.

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  34. Jaded says:

    Why do I enjoy the story…
    I just do. I don’t find the novel particularly special tbh, but it’s interesting enough.

    Also, those illustrations. So sexy!!


  35. darren says:

    dont know but i do love this series thanks for your hard.work


  36. Rei Hunter says:


    My honest opinion, if you liked Overlord and dislike the overdependance on “I will be evil because my subordinates is speaking for me!” then Skeleton Knight in Another World is great read.

    That’s it. That’s all i have.


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