Skeleton Knight V3 Chapter 18

Silver here,

What is the character archetype that you hate the most in novels?

For me I just can’t stand unjustly arrogant characters. I’m not says that all arrogant characters are bad, hell they can be quite fun to read about when done right. If the character has some personal skill to backup that arrogance, is contently beaten down by the world for their arrogance, or actually seems like they work to earn the arrogant personality I can get invested into them. But for the bastards that can do nothing yet act like the world revolves around them can drive me into a blind rage. It’s bad enough when someone like that is an antagonist, but they can at least be reduced to hero fodder. But when it’s a main protagonist I just want to punch them in the face.


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21 comments on “Skeleton Knight V3 Chapter 18

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. goblinrou says:

    Prob a tie between super sayajin arrogant mofo or super sayajin dense mofo. Prob why i couldn’t handle the full time denseness of Tilea. Funny at 1st but as full time gimmick i coudln’t handle it.

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  3. Drakuro says:

    character archetype that I hated the most?
    obviously the super dense harem protagonist that just cant decide who to chose where in the end everything ends without any changes at all….


  4. foblivions says:

    Thank for chapter 😄. What I hate the most is (if anime count) the brainless one who keep on doing think even thought it will bring trouble to his surrounding. Ex: Naruto… Stop with the Sasuke this, and Sasuke that…it supper anouning every time he open his mouth about Sasuke.

    On the bright side my love is too the skeming one. Love you king Souma and Dantallion (that dark and creepy smile)


  5. agecaf says:

    What I don’t like about arrogant antagonists is that they’re essentially “strawmans”; easy targets to show “your MC is cool”. I much prefer antagonists that require effort or out-of-the-box thinking to beat. One of them? I can stand it. But every antagonist? Please no..
    Btw thanks for the chapter!


  6. Dark Jackel says:

    So, how do you feel about Chinese xianxia novels? 😆

    Seriously, I don’t care for that archetype either, or the related “nobles who have no achievements but behave like they own the planet”. I prefer my antagonists to be competent, to force the MC to actually work for their victory, but just stumble into it. Y’know? 😄


    • Silver says:

      I only read a few xianxia novels and those I read tend to avoid or rarely use the archetype


    • Namorax says:

      For me, Xianxia (and/or Wuxias) are all too similar. You read these things because you know exactly what you will get, and if you are a random passerby like me (who doesn’t care either way about the genre because I want to read -interesting- stories) you either like them or not.

      The kind of character I hate the most is the one that usually appears in Wuxias/Xianxias:
      The kind that reads like the author works his/her way through a list of character traits to make sure that every “neccessary” trait is there. Rarely do I see a MC that is missing one or maybe even two traits of the template Wu-/Xianxia character…

      If you replace their names with titles like “Hero”, “Heroine”, “Master” or “Merchant”, you would be unable to tell which story you are currently reading… unless the author thought up a rather “unique” way of cultivation or whatever…

      If I had to tell one specific example, it would be the MC of Zhan Long. The story repeatedly gets brainfarts just for the benefit of the MC and on top of that he can’t cross the street without stumbling across an old granny who practically forces a legendary item/skill or ability on him.
      He could leave the room to take a dump and and the toiletpaper would “coincidentally” turn out to be a treasuremap that tell hims how to find the current Arc’s “One Ring”.
      Which he uses for a few chapters and then forgets because the way Xian-/Wuxias work is that the next whatever is always better than the last one… so lets forget that thing every existed! 😀

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      • exinaus says:

        “Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life!
        When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!”

        But, for things like this, Wu-/Xianxia novels are worth to read :D. I still can’t forget a chapter with awakening of Blood Mastiff (MC pet).


      • Doskias says:

        What else do you expect from what is largely a copy-paste culture even outside creative writing?


  7. exinaus says:

    Most of all i hate main hero, who’s suddenly decides to protect all, and for that he need’s to gain more strength.
    Especially stupid, who acts like: “We meet each other week ago, but now, when you told me your name i want to protect you with the cost of my life”.
    And, if i read a line “I must become stronger, to be able to protect my friends” i want to punch in the face those MC, and especially author, for using such a cliche.


  8. One-day-fly says:

    Yandere imouto, natch. Actually, stupidly obsessive love interests and blindly loyal followers in general, especially those on the protagonist’s side. Of course, Overlord gets special dispensation, but it’s kind of the exception that proves the rule.


  9. afk48 says:

    We have the same opinion


  10. Whynn says:

    Silver, you scared me when you said that, thought the upcoming chapter was going to show a said of Arc that was similar to your hated type.


  11. erikcheah says:

    Thanks for the translation!


  12. Dos says:

    For me it depends on the medium. In manga and anime I detest the “little psycho-lesbian girl” archetype (baka and test, and the like) , that you get occasionally in rom-coms. They never add anything but cringe to a story, while simultaneously being insulting. In literature it’s not so much the arrogant, as it is the arrogantly suicidal. 40k has a faction called the Tau, whose leadership insist on constantly provoking an extremely xenophibic empire a thousand times larger than itself by stealing it’s colonies. They then are horrified when the Empire sends a fairly standard crusade force at them. But the crusade gets recalled to deal with an actual crisis and the Tau declare victory. They then go right back to stealing colonies. They’d be a footnote in a history book if ANY other faction considered them important.


  13. That antihero psychopath main protagonist fucker in a certain novel…


  14. mllhild says:

    Senselessly cruel, Overly lucky, Dense, Hippocratic who doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions and only uses his lower brain
    So this excludes:
    – Xianxia, Wuxia and most other cultivation novels
    – Highschool Harem
    – antihero novels where the protagonist or antagonist just fucks everything


  15. kuroshiroe says:

    I dislike mc’s that you read them like a smallfry in novels that arent comedy or that dont have character progression. Thats why I cant read those martial something something novels. And before you Go and say “But they arent smallfries” I am talking about how they talk and act, because half of the time it would happen that a mercenary b said the same words that the MC.


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