We aren’t dead… just busy

Silver here,

I think I should explain where the hell the chapters have been recently. It’s been made  clear in the past but Namorax and I are in collage. That means that our commitment to class has top billing in our lives, and sometime our different schedules and project result in situations like the past few weeks were TLing or editing were impossible. At the moment we’ve decided to break from releases for one more week so that we can create a surplus of chapters that we can fall back on should this happen again. Rest assured, the regular chapters and remaining bonus chapters are coming, RL just takes hold of us sometimes.

9 comments on “We aren’t dead… just busy

  1. Don’t worry silver us leachers know that we need to wait patiently. Take your time and focus on college. We can wait. If anyone wants to know how hard college is just note that I’ve just spent the last 40 minutes working on one accounting problem. And that’s out of 10 questions

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    • Isaac says:

      I agree with you. Silver updates the chapters regularly on schedule, so if there is a delay they must be busy RL. Those who are impatient and bored please keep those comments to yourselves. Try reading the Novel(s) again from the beginning, you might be suprised at how you view the story the second or third time around.

      Silver, thank you for your hard work (-_-)Bows


  2. IcedTea says:

    Thank your time y’all.. we’re having the same problem too. Fighto~


  3. Dark Jackel says:

    Good luck with your classes! 😉


  4. Connor "HP" K. says:

    Good luck Silv,

    Patience is a virtue, and Wuxiaworld is awesome, Get that work done so you can come and have some fun. YAy!


  5. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Nah, just take it easy and focus on ur RL…


  6. :D says:

    Don’t worry~ Be happy~


  7. madpinger says:

    What Tama said, ~~ Don’t worry ~ Be Happy ~~
    Now, if I just had 1000 hugs :3


  8. Yezi says:

    Real life is such a jerk lol

    Don’t worry about us, the wait makes the releases all the more sweeter

    Good luck on the assignments!


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