Skeleton Knight V3 chapter 3

Silver here,

This is the last chapter of the week. Now I have a question:

If you were set to a highly dangerous world with the skills and body of a video game character would you rather have an max-level assassin that uses high level life-steal at the cost of natural healing (Say it’d take a week to heal paper cut without life-steal but you one-kill anything weaker then sub-demon lord level) or  would you be a max-level wizard that was built around buffs and debuffs (Could make opponents week as sick kids and make yourself nigh invaluable, but can’t use attack magic above fireball)?

P.S. you have to be involved with battle.

Anyway, Enjoy

39 comments on “Skeleton Knight V3 chapter 3

  1. sederance says:

    I always love the concept of a Dodge debuff character, you will always be dodging meaning you won’t take hits but you will also make your opponents sick with all the debuffs like curse, paralyze, sleep, etc. So I would choose the Buff/Debuff wizard


  2. asadlinguist says:

    Nigh invaluable? What does that mean when I can just shoot fireballs at babies(the weakened guys, not actual babies)?


  3. Zelit252 says:

    Those are both hard decisions, but I think I’d go with wizard because making the enemies weak as sick kids wouldn’t need anything more than a fireball to the face.

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  4. aten says:



  5. Zone Q11 says:

    Simply wizard. If I were to be an assasin -no. Even if I were to be just a puppet who can one-kill a sub-demon lord level, wouldn’t this mean that I am vulnerable to a demon lord? At least I can do something with buffs & debuffs.


  6. thorlong says:

    Buff and debuff, Seriously, I am Thor.


  7. mmerijn says:

    To me it depends on the world if it is so dangerous then even if you can beat people how much more powerful people than you are there? if there are a lot more powerful and a lot of them than I would rather have an assassin because then at least I can hide in the shadows when those more powerful then I are around being a mage would just get me squashed then if I can’t fight them head on.


  8. Dark Jackel says:

    Wizard. Support classes aren’t bad! 😎


  9. Shuffling505 says:

    I’ll go Assassin as you can dodge almost eveything as well as become 100% more deadly at night due to the dark and the gear you wear. Critical dame to vital points, fast movement speed as well as false movements to trick your opponents into making wrong/fatal moves.

    But the wizard sounds good but I can’t seem to be able to play them as it doesn’t feel right to me when i do but if it comes to support characters/classes then I’ll drop the Assassin like no theres no tomorrow. #Support4Life


  10. fatpanda says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    With how clumsy I am… Wizard I think. I got that kind of wound or worse almost everyday. By attack magic, does it mean direct offense magic or dps and indirect ones such as poison/curse magic and summon magic as well? If so, there might be many ways to kill/disable opponents without attack magic…. Is that wizard capable of life magic and white magic as well?

    typho:nigh invulnerable

    … want to create and use the Bat and the Metal Bat or make a dragon/highee class beings submit/gave up fighting by being tickled to tears.


  11. sukattomicka says:

    I’m writing a story like this, only my MC is a Blacksmith that kills monsters with duel sledgehammers


  12. r505 says:

    i choose assassin, because it’s have the highest AGI so he can dodge most of the dmg, even with slow natural heal it can be counter with life steal, potion, and heal form someone.

    and if it one-kill anything weaker then sub-demon lord level, so i think i just need several hit to kill demon king so it wont become to boring like onepunchguy that can one-kill demon king lv


  13. mllhild says:

    Wizzard for buffs in the bedroom!


  14. acefisher says:

    Though a vampiric build on a dps(assassin) sounds interesting, I’ve always found that no matter how good your evasion is, you’re going to die because a. your life steal isn’t as effective as you want it to be, because a 1:1 ratio would be too stupidly OP for any game to implement(10:1 was around the norm, if even that, I’ve seen 100:1; aka do 10 damage, heal 1 point of health;do 100 damage, get 1 point of health) and b. you can’t always dodge, and your paper thin defense won’t save you when that happens, especially with that abysmial natural healing.
    In regards to a buff/debuff specialized mage, not only can you weaken your enemies to the point of a gentle gust of wind being enough to topple them, you would be able to strengthen your allies alongside yourself, because people naturally gather around buff/debuff specialists. In regards to only being able to use attack magic at the level of fireball, wouldn’t it make sense that your could buff your attack magic to the point where spells like fireball would be stronger than a high level spell? And even if you couldn’t do that, buff/debuff mages tend to have one of the highest natural defense(for both physical and magical) and physical attack stats of any mage class. They’re not usually above that of a good warrior, but they can hurt, especially after buffing themselves/debuffing their opponent, some even to the point that they are called fist mages(for those that punch). Another thing to keep in mind is that blessings, curses, and abnormal status conditions all fall under the buff/debuff category, so it would only make sense for a max-level, buff/debuff specializing mage to know how to cast them.
    Given all this, I’d have to go with being a buff/debuff specializing mage.


  15. rti1 says:

    Debuff wizard. Theres millions of ways to kill things, but a wizards utility is far more effective in most situations.


  16. barbaricbob says:

    Buffs and debuffs.
    Backline wizzardry shenanigans.
    But i guess that depends on the scope of how powerfull you’d be.
    I mean with the right amount of power you could become an amazing paladin.
    Buff yourself to be hella…well…buff…
    And weaken the oponents so much they can barely see let alone stand upright and you’ll be the scourge of any fight


  17. ricco7 says:

    I would always go for a jack of all trades healer/buffer/aoe dps, Mystic Theurge all the way!


  18. anemonyous says:

    Being wizard is fine.

    Having attack spells only up to Fireball would mean I have access to attack spells up to the 3rd circle. That would mean I have at least the first circles Magic Missile and Second circles Melf’s Acid Arrow which both are decent.

    Now having access to all buffs and debuffs would mean I would have all the spells necessary to obliterate enemy resistances and then just use Flesh to Stone to turn everyone into statues. Or I could use Tensers’ Transformation to turn myself into a fighter.


  19. I’m assuming the assassin comes with all the usual stealth and whatnot. I’d just use those to always stay out of trouble and out of sight


  20. Buff yourself, buff your allies, buff your equipment, debuff your enemies in dogshit and finally rule the world


  21. Taupinette says:

    The assassin is equal to suicide. Without “natural healing” you’d die from a fucking cold.

    So I’ll go for the mage. Nothing impossible, just look at Shiroe in Log Horizon.


  22. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    I choose the buffs n debufffs wizard…


  23. Shadzin says:

    Option 3. Buy a gun… beats the previous two options.


  24. id choose wizard so i can put anyone that tries to disturb my rest to sleep and then give them the gift of eternal sleep


  25. nguuuquaaa says:

    Assassin. I can play stealth style or with life-steal I can even play aggressive style like a damn warrior lol. And I like warrior.


  26. Ketheres says:

    Assassin seems more interesting story wise, but if it was me myself, I’d go with buffmeister.


  27. AL says:

    They seem to both be about the same to me during battle, though.

    Either be someone that can one-shot almost anything with a strong attack, or someone that can weaken almost anything in order to one-shot it with a weak attack.

    But when it comes to everyday life, however, the wizard is much more useful. It becomes a lot easier to control strength and to protect other people with different buff-debuff spells.

    And can’t a wizard do what the assassin does anyway through huge buffs and melee fighting?


  28. MisleadingCowman says:

    Assasin would probably be easy if you can full heal by just killing insects and stuff while buff wizard is probabbly gonna end up enchanting weapons and stuff that would make him more op than the assassin 😛


  29. Wizard for me since all I would really need would be one other person and then total domination due to my kit. I just can never trust myself as an assassin since one wrong move means a fail attempt and you wouldn’t have the defenses necessary to survive long enough to escape.


  30. Victor says:

    I’d rather just be an immortal minding his own damn business waiting to watch the world burn. Meanwhile any skills that hide me from sight and harm I’d use


  31. bcool999 says:

    I gotta agree with others and go with Wizard. Your fireball doesn’t need to destroy mountains if you can make your enemies as weak as a wet paper bag. Also, what if you can also buff your magic atk. stat to sickening levels? Most powerful magic missile ever!


  32. Chaku says:

    I play WoW so Im a shaman, although I have played the new demon hunter class which is pretty awesome. I like Shaman due to its versatility, high survivability, able to dish out decent damage, and good support. Ive never really liked the pure dps caster classes, theyre too reliant on others, unless you out gear the threat, and I havent really enjoyed playing melee types either, I prefer distance rather than in your face action. So I guess I wouldnt pick either, Im more the cleric/paladin/shaman/priest/druid/monk type of player.


  33. redzero36 says:

    I’d go with assassin if its a dex build. I always go for speed/DPS. If you can dodge attacks and slowly whittle down their HP no need to worry about getting hit. Wizard if he has haste and slow spells, I’ve never really played spell casters though


  34. Hiruma87 says:

    It is depend on what I need to do in that world. If I want a quick money then I will choose the assassin class for hire. Stealthy and dexterity is good but the thin defense really is bad if I am forced to save the world.fighting a group of people really bad for this class, as there is no way you can avoid aoe attack forever.

    If I want to be a social and clean money for living than the wizard. If I really need to fight a group of enemy than yes a wizard, buff and debuff really is the way to survive against a group of ruffians.


  35. merlin says:

    Wizard definitely debuff them to nothing, then buff myself. After that it’s basically using the staff like a baseball bat and hitting a home run easy. If the staff isn’t an option nothing says combining even basic magic can’t kill someone easy.


  36. gippett0 says:

    Assassin! Why? Because well… stabbing people.


  37. SubZole says:

    Well the assassin looks interesting at first but its a highly risky one. It dependsif you can use other healing methods (potions, scrolls, magic) or not.
    If you can only heal with life steal then what happens if you got badly injured while no one is around? Or you just have an accident in a remote place? Lake falling from somewhere (from a cliff or in a cave). Or you gets injured after killing the last enemy. Or only friends are nearby but they can’t heal you. Do you kill/harm them to heal yourself?
    I would only pick the assassn if i have someone i really want to kill even if i die after.

    The buff-debuff mage sounds more viable to me. You just gather some companions and also train yourself to use weapons and your group becomes unstoppable.


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