No chapters but V3 illustrations


There’s not gonna be any Skeleton Knight Chapters this week. Namorax has a lot of stuff going on in RL at the moment thus can’t edit the chapters. I held out on making this post for so long because he said he’d try to do something today, but that just seems unlikely give how much he planned to do in RL. I offer you all the images for the LN’s third volume and a promise of three chapters next week as compensation. Please remember that there are differences in the WN and LN versions as that there might be spoilers. Gallery

If you need me I’m boarding a plane to an undisclosed location to escape your  collective wrath.


10 comments on “No chapters but V3 illustrations

  1. barbaricbob says:

    question, will you integrate the pictures into the translated version (when the LN/WN parts allow for it?)


  2. psychobee says:

    i’m not angry, just sad because there’s no chapter!!!


  3. gippett0 says:

    I appreciate you letting us know what is going on and the fact that you will be doing 3 next week I am so thankful for all the hard work you guys have been putting into translating editing and anything and everything else that is put into working on this novel. Get done what you guys need to do and happily waiting for the chapters next week.


  4. appelemac says:

    And the latest news reports that a plane with unknown destination has been downed by a new terrorist group which Claims the name of TSD, Translator Slave Drivers. Not to worry, all but one of those on-board have been found, and there are signs that the only remaining one is among the living, though there has been no mention of his state of being. Rumors say that he is known by the codename of Silver in some online community, and was the reason for the act of TSD. We are waiting for official confirmation on his location, but he seems to have been kidnapped to an unknown location. We will be back with more information soon.

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  5. Could you release it anyway? We’d still be willing to read eye cancer cuz ermagerh its so good. I could edit it if you want, send it to me and I’ll send back or link an edited version? Before anyone goes ape on me, I’m not stealing Namorax’s job, it’s just that I have some free time, so I would like to help. Email it to if you want me to.


    • Silver says:

      Thanks for the offer if a situation like this comes up again I’ll be consider it, but Namorax has always been fast on the draw so I’m sure everything will be in order by next week, if not I’ll release the chapters unedited and have them fixed later


  6. Radar11x says:

    thx for the heads up and the hard work. 😀


  7. mllhild says:

    “So a plane yeah?” Opening FlightRadar24 and Getting a missile launcher


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