Skeleton Knight V2 Chapter 20

Silver here,

I’m a bit tired so I’ll make this brief would you rather be immortal(slow healing factor, never aging, and always in top condition, can’t be killed) or invulnerable( could swim in lava or take a nuke to the face without a scratch, and never get sick, and immune to all poison )?

Just what to know. Enjoy

46 comments on “Skeleton Knight V2 Chapter 20

  1. Crazyh3 says:

    I would prefer invulnerability. I would get bored of immortality.

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  2. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Long life invulnerable…


  3. willtellr says:

    Could I order both for takeout? Tho what would happen if you’re immortal and get hit by a nuke? You can’t be killed, but still take dmg, so what happens.
    Still would take immortality to invulnerability, can’t see myself getting bored in the next several hundred years, if humanity doesn’t get wiped out. Explore earth, build an empire, explore the galaxy, invent time travel, make a TARDIS. All the fun in the world.


    • Silver says:

      It’d take a year for your body to regenerate if you’re an immortal hit by a nuke and it’s gonna hurt. One or the other not both.


  4. SightlierGravy says:

    Invulnerability because I’ve seen Highlander and being immortal is a curse.


  5. Vorpal says:

    i could drink bleach and embrace the pain


  6. nguuuquaaa says:

    I can play games or read novel all years long without eating, drinking or sleeping lol


  7. Jieo says:

    Depend on the availability of transport ability since being immortal or invulnable stranded in space or black hole is a hellish torment.hellish torment may be an understatement


  8. acefisher says:

    I’d go with being immortal. Remember, first immortality-


  9. The problem with what you asked is that option 1 basically covers most of the benefit of option 2. While option 2’s only benefits are that it’d be impossible for things like being stabbed or incinerated to happen. Option 1 wouldn’t prevent that, but being able to heal from such injuries isn’t that much of a downgrade, and you get the side benefit of living forever. Option 1’s only real con is that you’re by definition living forever, so most of your friends and family will eventually die leaving you alone and probably depressed.


    • Awesome_God_Dymond says:

      How is friends and family dying a con… You have years to prepare and eternity to morn and get over it.


      • It might not be a con for everyone, but it can’t be denied that seeing friends and family constantly grow older and die while you’re still there will definitely impact you. That’s how humans are. Of course there are people like that won’t mind that, but that’s not a majority.


  10. furyoffire11 says:

    Immortality, this way I can live long enough to test all VRMMO, if they will be created one day.


  11. Flyingfrog says:

    Does being immortal mean that you can survive without air or the like? For example, if it takes time for you to regenerate after taking a significant amount of damage, would you be fine if people buried you in the mean time thinking you were dead? Also, what happens if you get torn to pieces or cremated, would you regenerate from one of the pieces over time or what?


  12. fatpanda says:

    Is invulnerability also cancel damage due to suffocating, drowning, and decompression? If it is, I’d take that. Always want to try how it feels to sleep in various places like the lava or the bottom of the ocean, or drifting in space… but still having to eat is a problem in disturbing my nap.


    • Silver says:

      Yes invulnerability also counts for things like lack of air and decompression.


      • fatpanda says:

        From starving as well? I’d pick invulnerability then. And seek the true history in between my naps. Then passed it on to the ones who picked immortality for safekeeping.


  13. Silver says:

    Basically your body would go into stasis until you’re in a livable environment and yes your mind will partially be active. If blown up or sliced up the largest and least damaged piece of the will start the regeneration and anyone piece you manage to find fast enough( in 3 mouths) can be reconnected.


  14. Solomon says:

    immortality, life is pretty low risk so getting nuked or whatever s’not a high concern.


  15. Kazuya says:

    Immortality better
    watch anime for life + read novels( 4 realz with immortality :3)


  16. leecher says:

    with one i cant get any awesome tattoos and i will eventually die, and with the other i would eventually become a government guinea pig like in ajin so i dunno which i would pick -.-


  17. lygarx says:

    Immortality. I can read all the novels in the world. Invulnerable would still mean I would have my same lifespan. Technically aging is a sickness, so both are very similar.
    In game terms and by definition:
    Immortality would mean Immune to Death State and would restore health back to 100 percent even if it were at complete zero and body is completely destroyed. From Zero cells left existent, The power will slowly recreate and put the body back together. Or Create new matter if matter is erased. It means will never have death state, no matter what. Can still get certain states put on, like attack down, agility down, stun, accuracy down. But since no Death state can be put on character, can rise up again.
    Invulnerable means that Current HP will always be at max. And nothing can change the current value. But the Max value can change. If max is at 0, natural death state induced. Immune to all debuffs such as Attack Down, Slow, Poison, Paralysis, Petrification, etc. Since Death State can still be activated as it is not immortality, natural aging would be applied.


  18. Dark Jackel says:

    Immortal. Invulnerability not only causes similar mental problems to immortality, it removes 90% of the challenge of life.


  19. hanues says:

    Invulnerable, garunteed natural death and no pain from a gaping hole if i get shot.


  20. What if your invulnerable to death?



  21. Daniel Feight says:

    if being immortal also implies that i dont have to but can consume food and water then at this current point in time i greatly desire immortality.


  22. kalirion says:

    Sounds like immortality is coming with invulnerability – always in top condition, can’t be killed, etc. So I’ll take that.


  23. I’d rather have a girlfriend. *sobs*


  24. Kojiro_S says:

    Immortal, but only if I can hibernate during the next big crunch/big bang or while floating in space haha.


  25. gippett0 says:

    Invulnerable for sure i dont want to live forever it’s to long to be paying for stuff watching people die and thinking about all that yoy have done with the time you have been around. Oh and Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work.


  26. vandal says:

    what the hell?! isnt immortality the same as invulrenable but has eternal life as well? whats to compare if the other one is greater? unless you prefer to live as a human being in life


  27. knowngni says:

    Immortality. Sometimes the one thing we wish for is just more time.


  28. Anon says:

    I would mix the 2:
    Long live, slow aging, OP but can still die.
    At least I can end it when life gets boring.

    Living too long and you stop evolving, becomes stagnant and finally an empty husk.
    What do you feel if whenever you play a game it feels like a spin-off of another game you played sometimes ago? Whenever you read a novel, it seems to be just a rip-off of some well known books you can’t remember? Whatever you eats doesn’t bring out a new taste anymore?
    And what do you do at world end? Probably muttering “whatever”


  29. Mojo says:

    Immortal(slow healing factor, never aging, and always in top condition, CAN be killed) Honestly, I don’t want to live until the human race goes extinct and the sun dies and swallows the earth. Even outliving all my family and friends would be tough, but I could keep tabs on my ancestors and be all fairy god parent if they ever get into real trouble. I wouldn’t mind living a century young and healthy then just falling over dead in an eye-blink.


  30. Chronos5884 says:

    I dunno, Invulnerability looks nice tbh. Immortality could really really suck. It could be a curse essentially, depending on how life is. I mean, I assume you still need to eat, breathe, and everything else as an immortal.

    So what happens if you get on someone’s bad side and strangled, you can’t die but you can’t breathe, you can only suffocate until someone cuts you down. What happens if you get stuck in one of those weird currents around dams/waterfalls (look up drowning machines and low-head dams).

    Also, with all the ways a person can die, not dying could be quite “interesting” to people you don’t want to ever have interested in you. Also, not aging is a very curious thing. Essentially, you could never stay in one place long if you were around people.

    Then there’s the living long enough to watch everyone you love die thing.

    I kinda think invulnerability would be way better considering all that.


  31. anonymous coward says:

    Wait so if invulnerability means you don’t need air either why would you not be immune to aging as well? Surely aging is a type of damage and invulnerability should prevent all types of damage?


    • thorlong says:

      Ageing is an internal battle of resources and genetic coded guidelines. Your cells age, reproduce, and die. There is a limit to the amount of times a cell can reproduce.


  32. thorlong says:

    Immortality, it would give me time enough to build knowledge, resources, and authority to effect the world in ways that would produce the best Karma for everyone.


  33. mllhild says:

    Immortality of course. There is far more to read, see and do on this world than will fit into the few years we humans live.


  34. I00 Shadows says:

    Immortality, between the two I think the life of an immortal would be easier to stand, unlike being invulnerable its a lot easier to hide meaning you could forge relationships with those who are not immortal or invulnerable, just think about it, if you were to be hit by a car, or attacked by some mugger with a knife and you came out of it unharmed how are people going to react? Sure some would say its luck, but only once, soon you would be classed as a monster, people would fear you, wanting you dead even though you haven’t done anything wrong.
    Compared to being invulnerable, if your simply immortal, healing your wounds after the fact you would be classed as lucky and suborn to start with, and if things go wrong you can always fake your own death.

    Also some seem to mistake invulnerable for aging, your not, you simply can’t be hurt, doesn’t mean you can’t die of old age. Immortality on the other hand means to live forever, though by definition an immortal doesn’t heal any faster than the average person and can still die from injury, they might one day get to the point of walking skeleton, still living, but the skin and muscles have been destroyed.

    Ignoring the last segment as it differs from the concept we are discussing, I would pick immortality for its user friendliness and its ability to get along with others without spending every second worrying about being discovered


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