Not a chapter

Hi guys, uselessno4

I won’t be able to translate 1000 hugs and paladin till mid July, going to be a little busy with works, because of additional task from big boss.

Have a good day

Uselessno4 out

6 comments on “Not a chapter

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

    No worries, we leachers can patiently wait. Goodluck with your work.


  2. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Ahahahaha, when I think u will go holiday but another heavy task, namu namu namu…


  3. Shuffling505 says:

    Big Boss is annoying you huh?

    *starts negotiations in a “harmlessly FRINDLY manner” and convices the Big Boss a little?, but failed*

    Thats one tough boss….. I must level up my “Speach Craft” to 100!


  4. Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAKE!!!


  5. Willard King says:

    We shall suffer likewise with you, lacking our 1000 hugs till then. Hang in there !


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