V2 Prologue

While I was going to write out all the things that happened last week, but that nearly went on for 500 words. So, I’ll keep it short. A lot of shit happened that messed up all of my plans and set me back in RL for about 2 weeks. On the plus side, we have a new editor who working on the side story, Kiao will start editing the rest of V1 this weekend, one of my favorite novels is picking up again, and I picked up a good novel to read.

I won’t promise any time frame for releases, but things are on the way. V2 Prologue

8 comments on “V2 Prologue

  1. Johnny Tremain says:

    Thank you for your translations! I’m just glad you aren’t dropping this due to RL πŸ™‚


  2. ED says:

    Thx for the update…hope to see the next chapter soon…chow…


  3. The KING says:

    Doki doki


  4. rickymex says:

    Doesn’t matter when they come out just as long as they come out. If you have to take breaks to deal with RL go ahead. Way better than RL + translation duties piling up and burning you up.


  5. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  6. Yuz says:

    Thanks & good luck


  7. Aran19 says:

    thanks for your hard work, pls keep translating eventhough the release time is long πŸ˜€


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