Volume 2 Images

1,000,000 views, whelp that escalated quickly.

Straight to the point, I added volume 2 images to the gallery, so view at your own risk. We could be adding another editor to the project to speed things up, and hopefully the next release will be in a couple of days. Now I  have to figure out how to fix the Skeleton Knight project tab and head to class.

Enjoy, Gallery


13 comments on “Volume 2 Images

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Will u posting while include the pict in the middle of each connected chapter or still as usual?


    • Silver says:

      The problem with adding them in the chapters is that the LN diverges from the WN to an unknown degree, so if I add them to the chapters it would have to be at the end of each volume

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  2. GonZ555 says:

    Complementary meatbun delivery~


  3. acefisher says:

    I manually sort the stuff. Thankfully you only have a few chapters to fix.


  4. eCookie says:

    Is the first volume finished? I´m just waiting for it to publish my epub (with your consent)


  5. ED says:



  6. gippett0 says:



  7. theunseenone says:

    Hey, thanks a ton for translating this, I know TLing can be a pain in the ass so I appreciate you sticking with it.


  8. uselessno4 says:

    that’s why I number them from 000
    coz wordpress arrange it not by time but by name/number Lol


  9. Jin Jin says:

    will you translated the volume 2?


  10. Tt says:

    Will you still be translationg villainess brother?


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