Silver here,

For those that follow this site, I urge you to check out the galley. Thanks to commentator Oro_^o^ I was able to get all of the images from Skeleton Knight LN volume 1&2. I posted the rest volume 1’s images, and will post volume 2’s on a later date. Also, I’ve sent chapter 15 to Kaio for editing and am about 65% done with 16.

Finally I’d like to remind you that Useless-san and I are different people and that he is the translator for 1000 homunculiu girls; I just make it legible, so I have little control of the releases of that series, and nor has it been dropped in favor of Skeleton Knight.

Hmm, I can find and correct faults in others’ work but not my own… pretty sure that doesn’t mean anything, right?


11 comments on “Update

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. TY for translating

    Btw: There is a spelling error in the sentence explaining that you make his TL legible XD.

    I just make it project legible, so I have little control of the releases of that series,


  3. paxtocor says:

    Thanks as always for translating and for the new pics!


  4. Mars says:

    I hope you can translate the map after all that will help to understand the sory more

    Liked by 1 person

  5. jean says:

    thanks for your hard work


  6. neoshadow says:

    Thank you for the awesome pictures


  7. wow thanks,cant wait for chap 15 😀


  8. bauldr says:

    Thanks for the skeleton knight chapters. I just caught up with what you have released. keep up the good work!


  9. sumimasen says:

    Btw translator san. I was wondering if you can attach the photos to the specify chapters? It would definitely be good for new readers or old :>


  10. MrTrixer says:

    1000 homunculiu girls is still active? Thats great news! I thought the project was abandoned and placed it in the dead reading list, im glad you guys picked it up again.
    Thank you!


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