Skeleton Knight illustrations and more

Hello everyone Silver here, just wanted to let you know a few things.

First, I finally have images from the LN, but only the colored one. you can click on the gallery tab or here to see them.

Second, Due to multiple requests I will add a dividing line whenever the pov changes in the chapter, but only for that and not for ellipses in time.

Third, Skeleton Knight is being translated into other languages. The Russian translations are already going(Link now on the project page) and I gave the ok for a Spanish one.

Fourth, Useless-san has been acting as a go-between till now, but I put an email to contact me on the about page. So if you find more images or need to get in touch you can now.

Finally, I’ve got a whole 8% of the next chapter done.



4 comments on “Skeleton Knight illustrations and more

  1. Djdk says:

    Ty for the pictures!


  2. exinaus says:

    Thanks for translations.
    Btw, Russian translator changed address for translation few hours ago, it’s now


  3. i really cant help but think that these characters were just created using the exact opposite traits as the characters from overlord. the author was just like, “fuk it they have a skeleton in black heavy armor with 2 great swords.. well ima make a GOLD skeleton in WHITE armor with ONE great sword hahahaha take that copyright laws”


  4. Tangerinus says:

    Thanks for translating this, looks pretty good, and even thought its supposed to be mtled it seems accurate 🙂


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