It’s a miracle, chapter 11 of Skeleton knight is here.

My first week  back was pretty hectic. I’ve been running around trying to fix my schedule, work 3 more hours then I did last semester, trying to come up with the money for my textbooks, and trying to finish this chapter( which ended up being over 3000 word). So yeah, believe in miracles because I was able to get only one shift and class on Fridays, which allowed me to get half of this chapter done.

Anyway, with that rant over just a couple more things. I apparently messed up in a previous chapter, one of the factions in the country belongs to a princess rather then a third prince, so if you what to you can go back and read the fixed chapter 6. Finally, some of the names the author choose don’t translate well, so some of the names might be a little weird. I will see what I can do about that later on

Without farther ado, enjoy chapter 11


5 comments on “It’s a miracle, chapter 11 of Skeleton knight is here.

  1. rickymex says:

    RL always comes first man. We can always wait.


  2. Meh like we’ll remember that small detail anyway. It’s all good. Thanks for what you can pop out though


  3. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  4. Mufarasu says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Will the Dark elf finally appear in the next chapter?


  5. melfix says:

    It says Chapter 11 of Skeleton Knight, but it links to Chapter 11 of 1000 homonculus girls



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