VBR chapter 15

Yeah this was supposed to be done yesterday, but a combination of scheduling changes for my classes, low motivation, and a persistent pain in my wrist kept that from happening.

So sorry for that,

As I said in the last post that there was some news about the series from here on out. In all honesty I’m thinking of dropping it. As I’ve hinted to before, the pacing of this wn makes it hard for me to translate. Make no mistake the novel has its good moments, it just that those moments seem far and few in between. I believe that with stories like this one a faster pace is needed for the early stages before the major developments are underway. Yet this novel is nearly half finished with the only complete volume and very little progress has actually occurred. The other reason is because there personality of the mc is not how I expected it to be. Nothing is really wrong with his personality, its just that it’s different from the one some of his actions in the earlier chapters had me believing it would be.

Anyway, I decided to put this series on hold until I complete the first volume of Skeleton Knight. If my feeling haven’t changed by then than so be it. Also, if another translator feels like they want to takeover the series while I’m on break with it, just contact me about it. Translations should be left in the hand of those passionate about them after all.

Enjoy the chapter


9 comments on “VBR chapter 15

  1. aiskaiz says:

    Have a good break~ though I’ll miss this series


  2. littleSemanggi says:

    Thanks for your hardwork!
    Truthfully, i also feel this novel is a bit slow pace, but it have a potential to become something good.
    Also, this oniichan has piqued my interest a bit, so i will wait for you to find your motivation again, hehe:)


  3. I like the pacing as it is.



  4. Shangri La says:

    Please update!!


  5. kern123 says:

    it’s alright to have a break, so you can have more space and think more thoughts, but will please come back and give more chap chap. ^_^! and thanks for the chapter


  6. it has… well i saw you finished up volume 4 of skeleton knight… and was not going to be picking up for a bit because of rl will you be picking this volume back up…1/28/2017


  7. nattou says:

    Tempted to try TL this series, but probably after I finished my current project (is getting ahead of oneself hahaha)


  8. nattou says:

    Thanks for the translation of the previous chapters. I’ll try to read ahead and see whether it goes well.


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