Chapter 8 of Skeleton Knight

So just a quick thing. I’m not perfect and if I ever say that I am, then that is the moment that everyone in the world has the permission to put a bullet in the back of my head. I’m trying to say that I know that my translations could be better. I know that there can be spelling, grammar, or even translation error in my chapters as I have struggled with these things all my life.

Don’t misunderstand this message as being a cry to lay off of me. I welcome any corrections or criticisms against my work because it tells me that you guys care about the projects as much as I do. So for everyone that has pointed out mistakes I thank you and will try to improve.

Chapter of the day.

Also, this is the best image (the one his most visible in) of Arc I could find. Image. I think it’s from the second LN volume.


5 comments on “Chapter 8 of Skeleton Knight

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. The Ugly says:

    Thank you senpai~~ (^・ω・^ )


  3. tabuburn says:

    Thanks for the trans!

    Btw, found some more illustrations from the LN here:


  4. lhvolk says:

    Hey thankyou for your work! If your struggling with spellung and grammar im happy to help! Only if senpai wants help that is (by no means am i trying to force you to send me through your work so i can read it faster…its definitely not because of that okay… 《_《 》_》yup definitely not because of it!!!!) But really your great!


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