Skeleton Kight Chapter 7

Alright, I just though I would get this out before you start to read. The next few chapters make it appear like the story is going to go in a cliche direction. If you’ve read the novel’s synopsis you would know that that is not the case. Based on how the chapters have played out, it seems to me that the author used the cliche setting to help with the world building of this novel. Even through it is a cliche setting I feel the author tried to put his own spin on it with the small details, so I ask that you don’t judge the entire novel on the next  4-5 chapters and just enjoy the action and world that is trying to be fleshed out.

As always, thanks if you read this and enjoy your chapter:Chapter 7


2 comments on “Skeleton Kight Chapter 7

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. the heads up about the cliche is good


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