What I’m going to do this week

Hello everybody, Silver here

Like I said in my last post this is the last week of my winter break, so after this week my translation time will be limited to in-between my work and class schedule and if I have the energy after work. It goes without saying that this means the speed of my projects releases will slow to about 1-2 a week, as I need my education and have to pay for it. So this week I wanted to do something special like release two chapters of both projects a day. But then I realized that would probably lead to a mental breakdown, so that’s out of the question. After looking at where I’m at with VBR and Skeleton Knight and at how many chapters the authors had up I came up with a less stressful alternative. This week I will release a Skeleton Knight chapters everyday and release 2 VBR chapters this weekend.

Thank you for your time if you read this and enjoy the first Skeleton Knight chapter this week: Chapter 5


One comment on “What I’m going to do this week

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


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