Next chapter of VBR and Skeleton Knight.

The VBR chapter: 13

Man this one was difficult. Over 2000 words and it branched into a tangent towards the end. On more then one occasion I just wanted drop it entirely and do something else. In fact, I think I only finished it because I was listening to a Two Steps from Hell playlist and chapter 14 seems like a cute, short chapter. Still even with that I just shout off my PC for two hour before I even thought to edit anything.

Skeleton Knight: 3

I actually wanted to release this one with the other chapters but it was incomplete at the time, and as a couple of people pointed out (thanks by the way) my editing was not the best it could have been for those chapters. So I thought I would just get it out of the way today and save the next part of the story for next week.

If you read my little rant than thank you.

I hope all of you enjoy this last post of the week, and come back for more next week (which is the final week before my classes start).


5 comments on “Next chapter of VBR and Skeleton Knight.

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  2. vyclo says:

    erm did I miss SKeleton knight 3 ? :O


  3. aiskaiz says:

    Thank you for your hard work!


  4. Sodemas says:

    thx for the chapter o/
    i read the rant so… thx again for all the enforts _( . )_
    and please enjoy your weeknd


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