I’m Back, and better then ever

Silver here,

Whelp the old hard drive was completely died and I lost everything on it , so I had to replace it. My wallet has never hurt like it does now, and someone needs to pay for that.

So I have decided to strip away 40-60 minutes of the lives of everyone that visits this site.

Some might be asking how I’m going to do it, well the answer is with a flood of chapter release

1000 girls chapter 19, and 20

VRB chapter 12

Skeleton Knight chapters 1 and 2

Enjoy as I feast on your time.

PS: Useless-san is doing chapter 21 and onward for homunculus girls


9 comments on “I’m Back, and better then ever

  1. kenchan223 says:

    Thanks for these wonderful gifts! lool :3


  2. mecharos says:

    Thank you for the Chapters! and Welcome Back! 😀


  3. tabuburn says:

    YAY! MOAR! 😀


  4. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


  5. Uncle John Stamos says:

    I rescued a hard drive’s contents the other day using ddrescue to copy it to another hard drive as an image. Unless your drive is clicking (in which case the freezer trick might work for a short bit to get your most important stuff off of it) you’d be surprised what you can save.


  6. Nevermind says:

    What are you, an eyeless larvae?


  7. samurice says:

    thanks! cant wait for moar VBR.


  8. Sodemas says:

    Yay, thx for the gifts o/
    now let me just click on a few of these adds to let you get more cash (i hope that works)


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