Bad news

I hate to do this, but there will be no releases until further notice. The reason being that my laptop’s hard drive has died on me and I have to scrounge up the money to get it fixed or replaced. Thankfully it is just the drive and nothing else, so with a little luck I can be up and running by next week.

Again sorry for the bad news everyone.

7 comments on “Bad news

  1. Uncle John stamos says:

    Get a USB stick and install Linux mint or ubuntu on it. You’ll be able to use your computer without a hard drive at least. It’s always good to have alternatives.


  2. samurice says:

    Its alright. thanks for all the hard work! cant wait for more 1000 and VBR.


  3. Anon says:

    Sad boys


  4. Sodemas says:

    hello, new here, just began reading, dont mind us leacher man, hope you can fix your computer without many troubles~~


  5. Tim says:

    Somebody who has a good job get this man a new computer. I… am on the verge of being homeless every month otherwise I would. T_T


  6. Gruzar says:

    Hello.. First i want to say thank you for great work…
    To repair your hard drive(HD) you need 2nd computer where you are able to download and burn a HirenCD boot disc.

    How to repair your HD.
    1. insert CD you just burned hirencd v9.9
    2. turn on you computer and run from CD driver
    3. When you see black screen with option to choose..
    4. choose Hard disk tools
    5.find HDD Regenerator 1.61 (on page 2 i think)
    6. Choose your harddriver you want to repair.
    7. Fellow instruction on screen.
    8. it will take from 1hr to 1 day.. depend on your size of your HD
    9. Make lots of coffee
    10. start translating 😀
    if you need further help.. just ask 😀


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