VBR chapter 11

Hey guys, Silver here

I managed to get this chapter done, manly because it is shorter the normal. But honestly the pacing of this series is making it harder for me to translate. I still think this novel has a lot of potential, it is just that the story in moving so slowly that I’m having a hard time staying motivated. I don’t no maybe when I reach the half way point of the volume things will be different.

Anyway enjoy this weeks chapter: chapter 11

6 comments on “VBR chapter 11

  1. corrr says:

    ty for the chapter but i think that the name waas wrong when it was posted.


  2. aiskaiz says:

    Aw! But VBR is my life!


  3. Thank you for translating
    hope more chapter will come>>>


  4. vasiliassy says:

    I know its really hard to be a translator but if you dont have a motivation then picked some teaser
    Este always recomended it for everyone who are new translator


  5. ncf16 says:

    Thank you for the chapter!! 😀

    Is there any romance in the horizon for our MC?


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