Yeah, a little earliar then promised

So yesterday there was a snow storm that lasted until 3 a.m.

With nothing else to do I decided to knockout chapter 8. I foolishly  believed that I could get it all done in an afternoon, 8 hours of translating and 2 hours of editing later I realized the ludicrously of that thought. These chapters are about twice as long as 1000 homunculi  girl chapters.

Do to this the chapter release will definitely be one a week, or I have to pick up a different series, otherwise my classes would take a major hit during the semester.

Thanks if you read this and here is your chapter: chapter 8


One comment on “Yeah, a little earliar then promised

  1. Mikaneko says:

    snow storm… im kinda jealous…
    even though i live in england, theres not even a speck of snow, no, in fact, its not even cold enough, i could bear with going out without a coat, it just feels like autumn TAT

    anyways, thanks for the chaps!


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