My Project

Hello freaks, geeks, and normals

If you guys recall, when I first joined Useless-san I said that I might pick up a project of my own. Well after searching the web and having possible projects taken by other translators, I was finally able to find the right project to make my own.

I would like to make a few thing clear before things go any further:

  1. The project was handled by another translator before me, so I asked and got their OK to do the project.
  2. Factoring in editing for 1000 Humunculus  Girls, classwork, my job, and this project I might only do 1 regular chapter a week.
  3. I won’t start posting chapters until next month. The reason being, I just went thought finals and I would like to get a break.
  4. I will still edit the chapters Useless-san sends me through the rest of the month.
  5. Finally, the author of this project seems to go through long dry spells without posting, so if my translations catch up with the current chapter the project will be put on hiatus. May or may not start another project if that happens

So click Here, to see the projecct.


One comment on “My Project

  1. Shuffling505 says:

    Marry Christmas everyone! And First!


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