The Newbie Editor

Hello all, Silver here 

As I’ve just stated to to work on chapter ten, i will make this short so that i can get back to it. For the past few years i have been a silent onlooker in the world of translations; hell i only got a WordPress account a few months ago, but my continued success in my Japanese class has inspired me to become more involved. However, I know that I’m far away from mastery of the language, so my stent as an editor will be a means of improving my Japanese as well. In the future, (with useless-san permission) i may start a translation of my own. Only time will tell.


One comment on “The Newbie Editor

  1. moneng85 says:

    nice to meet you!
    arigatou for your work(for now and in the future)!
    don’t mind critics and be discourage
    arigatou once again

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