Not a chapter

Hi guys, No.4 here


I have one good news, and one bad news here

First is good news, an editor Silver-san has agreed to join this project, give him a big applause, yay. Maybe I’ll ask him to introduce himself later.

And the bad news is, my eyes is kinda strained (is this the right word?) and can’t stand staring at the monitor too long, so, the chapter release would be even slower than now, I think I kinda force my eyes too hard lately, because of life and work related stuff.

That’s about it, I’ll finish chapter 10 in about few hours and send it to the editor. Have a good days you all.

No. 4 out!


4 comments on “Not a chapter

  1. Dokuru says:

    I recommend Ant-Fatigue lenses/glasses.
    Helps me keep my face in front of the computer for a whole day.


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