Chapter 8 of 1000 homunculus

Hi guys, I don’t really expect that there would be so many people visiting this blog of mine, thank you really.
Thank you Guro-san for your kind correction at chapter 5 and suggestions for Arge and Nacht name, it really helpful.
And thanks to Yukkuri-Oniisan for correction on chapter 4, and the explanation about the girls’ speech style, now I wonder how do I translate it so as to not lost the style ?

And as neither english nor japanese is my native, so expect some harsh, awkward and poor englis, hehe. Most of the time, I understand the jp-en, but to express it is kinda hard. I’ll try my best to improve my english, hehe

Iburu Kingdom -> Ibuhl Kingdom
Mitorushia Continent -> Mitolshia Continent
Algiers -> Arge thx Guro-san
Nahato -> Nacht thx Guro-san

May I assume that the other girls’ name would be from German language, yes?

enjoy chapter 8.

Ps. for november I might be a little busier with work and rl stuff, so expect a slow release, thank you.


6 comments on “Chapter 8 of 1000 homunculus

  1. Fujcakes says:

    Even if there aren’t many that visit this site, just know that some people do such as myself.
    And thanks for the chapters~ I look forward to them even if there are minor mistakes/somewhat translated sentences. Really, I don’t mind them at all as long as it’s understandable.


  2. mecharos says:

    So this is the start of the strongest kindom/empire/somethingelse?
    very interesting in my eyes/ears!
    Looking forward to the story~
    and Thank You for your effort to translate them πŸ˜€


  3. kuroguma says:

    First and foremost, thanks for the chapter.
    But no the other girls are english names, like “verdant forest” or “Argent dawn(from wow)” “premier chancellor”. Premier just means first or most important(since she is 0001).
    Verdant is green(she(verde) has green hair). and argent basicly means silver(arge has silver hair). so MC(author) is very lazy in his naming. -.-


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